Trainings & Developments

To-Day, when we have awareness of qualified for global business there is a need for us to introspect and improve our organizations which have been accustomed to playing in local league. JVHRS can help in achieving your vision of a strong dynamic global player and upgrade the skills of the employees.

JVHRS zoomed into a management training and consultancy scene in Internationally since 3 years. We have a dedicated group of professionals who are committed to help organizations improve performance by imparting a customized Knowledge and skills through JVHRS interventions. It brings from the world of management invaluable tested and relevant concepts, techniques, skills and research findings.

Training is the art of shaping the skill and persona of a person to make him adaptive to the environment in which he is supposed to work. Training plays a crucial role in the development of a person in all the way enabling him to exhibit Not the Expected but The Perfect Behaviour and the traits like Loyalty, Group Cohesiveness, Honesty, Focused, Composed, and above all Job Satisfaction.

We also design training intervention for our clients keeping in view the training needs of human resources. Our programmes on "Building Quality Culture", " Work Place excellence ", "Supervision in Quality Environment" and "Excellence in Supervision" for executives / supervisors and workmen are in great demand. We are interested in tie-up yearly/ one day / Two day training programme schedule with your company.